Adinath Aishwarya

Adinath Aishwarya

by Muni Mokshrati Vijayji

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Every year, during the Paryushan Parva we hear about the life of Parmatma Adinath. Let us now enjoy it through the medium of music. We hope the impact of this tiny endeavour would be so great that it would usher the parmatma Adinath into the innermost realms of your being in such a way that you would feel...whatever the lord did is worth doing, whatever the lord followed is worth following and whatever the lord achieved is worth achieving.

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Additional Info

Author: Muni Mokshrati Vijayji
Editor: Muni Mokshrati Vijayji
Publisher: Multy Graphics
Published In: 2012
Language: Hindi
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 in
Length: 48 pages
Binding: Paperback


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