Shri Shatrunjaya Mahapuram

Shri Shatrunjaya Mahapuram

by Acharya Rashmiratna Suriji

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The memorable moments, everlasting memories of the day to day happenings at this historical Navvanu Yatra of this 21st century are stringed here. The depiction is indeed so vivid and realistic that one would feel that he is the part of this pilgrimage. The interviews of the dignitaries, news-relay and an exotic journey in the past all sketched with the help of soothing, mild and yet very eloquent words. Every day would bring about a new picture, everyday had a beautiful surroundings and background, which was beyond imagination and words. Early in the morning 2214 pilgrims would begin their yatra after completing the essential tasks like performing the pratikraman and hearing the mangalik. They would exude and fill the air warmth, enthusiasm and joy. Soon they would form a long chain and scale the Giriraj, their hearts oozing with love and devotion. Some of them overcome by the desire of entering the Moksha-nagari before others would hurry up, overtaking others; a perfect picture of healthy competition. This unforgettable scene depicted extreme devotion as well as spirituality. The pilgrims destroyed many of their ghati karmas acquired in the past lives and earned a special virtue. This indeed was one of the most valuable occasion in their lives.

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Additional Info

Author: Acharya Rashmiratna Suriji
Editor: Kavi Jagdeep Harshdarshi
Publisher: Srimati Panidevi Mohanlalji Mutha Sonvadia Religious Trust
Published In: 2012
Language: Hindi
Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 9.5 in
Length: 354 pages
Binding: Hardcover


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