Trilok Tirth Vandana

Trilok Tirth Vandana

by Acharya Hemchandra Suriji
A book where every page reverberates with the sounds of psalmos praising the Arihant bhagvans.- A book that is adorned with the names and photographs of the sacred icons of the past present and future chauvisis of the tirthankaras. Honours can be paid to the eternal and ephimeral tirths situated in the celestial world earth and the nether world and the sacred icons adorning them through this book.- Gives you an opportunity have the darshan of shri Simandharswami who at present is moving in the Mahavideha kshetra along with his ganadharas sadhu-sadhvis shravak-shravikas. Gives a chance of offering obeisance to 108 tirthakshetras and the mulnayakas residing therein. Essential for all jains. A book that will tune and strum the strings of your heart and make you utter the words Namo Jinanam - Salutations of Jinas spontaneously; as you turn the pages. Offering praises and respects to the holiest Arihantas will gradually turn your self and your soul into a being that deserves praises and honours. MP3 Audio CD that contains lyrical poems, songs, sutras and stotras - absolutely free with this book.

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Shrut Gyan - Jain Paintings

Additional Info

Author: Acharya Hemchandra Suriji
Editor: Acharya Hemchandra Suriji
Publisher: Sanghvi Ambalal Ratanchand Jain Dharmik Trust
Published In: 2009
Language: Gujarati
Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 12 in
Length: 166 pages
Binding: Hardcover


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योग्य आवश्यक ग्रन्थReview by विजय जैन
(Posted on 9/18/2014)
प्रत्येक जैन के लिए उपयोगी एवं प्रतिदिन अध्यन , चिंतन व मनन करने योग्य आवश्यक ग्रन्थ